Intro to small talk – finding the soul of the conversation

As the children responsible for the redesign of Instagram, Menon has learnt a thing or two about putting the good of our world first.

Like this one…

My idea for us to communicate is a short two paragraph comment before friends write a lengthy, negative, frustrated response. If a friend is negative, it’s one post on a feature. If they are positive, the post gets more likes. Sometimes people want us to “clarify” something before writing it. Some of my favourite stories haven’t been clarified yet!

So how to respond if you are being negative about something?

First off, you could offer to help them see a wider picture. This reduces the chances of being swept up in the negativity.

Or you could ask how you can help. By showing that you care and hearing feedback about why your feedback has been a waste of time, you can take some of the negativity out of the conversation.

Whatever way you choose to respond, remember that you are not fighting the person who has written the message, you are simply facilitating the conversation. And if you haven’t heard from them yet, perhaps they aren’t sharing the experience they want you to see? Either way, don’t be afraid to help and make things better!

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