Forget bar selfies, here are the 12 best bars in the world — and six in Washington

When in Rome…

To get an insight into what each country of the world is feeling about the possibilities of 2021, bar-review website TripAdvisor has created a new ranking of the best bars in the world to mark that year.

The list, now in its fourth year, was judged by more than 25,000 respondents from over 100 countries, many of whom were, like us, challenged by the inability to discern an American bar on a global scale. And, like us, they did think that Islington and Malvern provided superior breaks from a European winter: No. 6 in U.K. and 11 in Ireland. (As highlighted in the post below, they used U.K. bars as “urban hubs” and Ireland and France as “urban retreats.”)

Instead, it’s Tokyo’s Elyasho Tokuhura, ranked #1, that sits atop this year’s list, with a very high score of 9.2 — but the mixologists there have apparently got a lot on their plate; in celebration of this victory, they created a cocktail featuring whisky, lemongrass, and two strawberries.

This year, the United States barely made an appearance; New York topped the list in 2017, at no. 14, but came in at no. 23 this year. Charleston took the grand prize: No. 26 overall in the country.

Top international bars, according to TripAdvisor, included:

Elyasho Tokuhura, Tokyo

White Rabbit Bar, Vienna

Gozaiya, Malang, Indonesia

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Chinatown, New York City

Molotov Ginjo, Moscow

First Union, New Orleans

Naba, Berlin

Blind Donkey, London

Ombre te Quatro, San Juan, Puerto Rico

eeva, Moscow

La Gabbia, Melbourne

Batch 37, Paris

Bar Amante, Barcelona

Bar Quo Vadis, Madrid

Histadrut Bar, Tel Aviv

Le Papillon, Berlin

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Paris

Séminaire Grand Pour Sirentôt, Paris

Food Horse, London

Cosme, Shanghai

Ayere Chengguan Yaohuan Fu, Hong Kong

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