Crews take down ‘Useless shed’ in the dark of night in Del Ray, and they may not leave

An amorphous shed parked on the northwest corner of Grosvenor Street and New England Avenue Northwest may look like a relic that was built long ago, but many people have wondered about it for more than a decade.

Workers lowered the only enclosed structure on a man-made lake in the Del Ray neighborhood of Silver Spring for the last time in September, ending an eight-year saga that has seen officials contesting its siting, neighbors and even the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office urging city lawmakers to scrap the project.

After the shed was removed, Silver Spring officials told the Post that a company had purchased the piece of the waterfront that had been dismantled for sale, but provided no further information.

A city spokeswoman told the Post last week that city crews were readying to remove the nearest ocean-view view for any potential buyer. That would leave a dark corner in the harbor surrounded by houses, but not the portions where neighbors believed the wooden structure may still be.

About three years ago, angry neighbors, officials and U.S. Patent and Trademark Office staffers were concerned about the site, which was once used to store boat and equipment. Federal authorities claimed it wasn’t a qualified site for a marina, and protests were staged.

The city won approval to move the shed to the Del Ray Boat Basin, but left the fishing pier in place. The city is considering leasing the pier to the business Elia, a cigar shop currently located at the boat basin that would feature space for boats, on-water sales and rentals.

Ken Ehrich, a city spokesman, told the Post the building was dismantled because the negotiations with the potential buyer were “still in the early stages.”

“We are working to sell the property, and unfortunately, due to confidentiality requirements, we have no further information to provide,” Ehrich said.

Construction of a fourth deck around the marina is due to begin this month.

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