Welcome to Toronto! If you’re being crushed by frozen slush. Don’t break up with me | City of Toronto stories

Toronto is cool, but it looks a little chilly: despite remnants of the recent “winter” mix (the word itself being inappropriate – it wasn’t cold enough), snow still has fallen in Toronto, including that fatal accident in Leslieville last weekend. And, on Sunday, surface streets were covered with a soft, icy surface.

Toronto Sun, 13 August 2018. Link to video: Someone stop that child from falling off the Bloor Viaduct sidewalk

Here’s a video from a contributor to the Toronto Sun reporting on the slushy situation.

It was the second time this week that the city of Toronto has been lashed by an icy storm and asked for help scraping it away. For those who participated in the 2004 Snow Out for a Better Canada run across the country, the icy mess reminds us of the sorts of things people deal with in snowstorms in winter. According to them, “there’s no more exasperating experience than running over an icy patch on a street or a sidewalk” and that the best way to avoid this is to “pat the sidewalk”.

For those of us who have never even been to Canada, an image like that can make things very depressing, but also very cool. Plus, the misty, lightweight stuff you get with a city-wide meltwater flood is a beautiful sight: like something out of a Geico commercial.

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