This year’s top 10 in Canada: The rankings

This year, students from Canadian universities nabbed the top spots in TACAT’s latest rankings.

Angad Lim, 20, was named the best physics student in Canada in 2018

This year, the most voted-for student in the rankings, Angad Lim, a 20-year-old majoring in theoretical physics at The University of Waterloo, took top spot. Before graduating this June, Lim hopes to design robotic instrumentation used in the future to study the origins of the universe.

Kaoru Tsujita is TACAT’s top ranking in Alberta

In Alberta, Kaoru Tsujita, a 22-year-old geophysics graduate of the University of Calgary, was named as TACAT’s top ranking in the province. Tsujita hopes to become a geoscientist, specializing in polar mapping and exploring ocean floors.

Ashok Viswanathan was named best Arabic lecturer

In a first for the ranking, Ashok Viswanathan, a 25-year-old philosophy major at Memorial University, was named TACAT’s top ranking in Ontario. Viswanathan has taught at the university for the past decade. He says that his major is the first in philosophy that focuses on subjectivity, and that “a happy mind is a liberated mind.”

Mama-chan Grune was named top Asian lecturer

For the first time ever, North American universities were ranked in the RANK reports. Notable student of Chinese origin Mama-chan Grune, a 24-year-old business major at the University of Victoria, was ranked number one in Canada for Asian lectures. Grune’s dream is to become a venture capitalist, and she says that she hopes to “develop high-potential entrepreneurs,” by expanding her network and mentoring them.

Plenty of women students dominated the list of women lecturers

In addition to Inoxman’s top female lecturer, 18 others on the list were women, all majoring in physics or mathematics.

The most influential faculty

In 2011, TACAT first surveyed the most influential faculty members at Canadian universities. Last year, Alberta University’s Michael O’Leary was named by TACAT as having the greatest influence on the brightest minds in Canada.

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Following O’Leary, the most influential faculty was replaced by Ammar Yasir, a 22-year-old communications student at Queen’s University, in Ontario.

Worst gender mix at the universities

Claire Wang was named as the worst gender mix for gender balance, at Queen’s University. A 22-year-old sociology and English major, Wang hopes to become a social and cultural anthropologist.

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