This author writes about an escape from childhood

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Do we have dinner plans?

We do.

Tonight, Don’t Look Up (Vacation, B)

It’s my turn to make a toast. I am thrilled to be included.

To embark on a journey that ties each and every character together through a fluid narrative that is occasionally rocky.

I hope you enjoyed the other vignettes that were pulled from the crew history of movies you love.

This one is set just after the end of a one-hit wonder notorious for a hit too many. Much like a wickedly brilliant fantasy by Todd Solondz, this is a coming of age story set in the backwoods of Missouri where the blame for an upcoming massacre is placed on a gardener who doesn’t know how to stop his kid from killing squirrels.

Time to light the fire.

Okay, we are ready.

I love the candy-colored color palette. Reds, pinks, purples are all contrasted to that of those lighting yellow horses who are insanely, flawlessly handsome (if they weren’t, the hell with them, they already are).

The cinematography takes the cake. When out in the countryside, he is breathtakingly beautiful and visually pleasing. I also love the multi-colored pants that may or may not be leftover from the finale of Whiplash.

And you’ll feel the flashback effects of the emergency water filters that are always broke to save supplies. So many toilets.

I also love the screen-timer function that is key for this movie. It feels at times to me like every scene has been finished, only to have 30 minutes left in the film.

I always tease the filmmakers because they get a new director every week and everyone works on it, and they’re still hitting new highs.

But it’s good, it’s really good. It’s a fucking trip, it really is. It’s an absolute delight.

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