The New Ambassador to Canada Visits The Border

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A great day for the northern border, but what do you do when you’re not a U.S. Senator anymore? We have the new ambassador to Canada, David Cohen, for his first visit to the border to meet with Border Patrol agents.

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The California wildfires rage on, with more than 6,000 evacuations and 100,000 acres burned. Susana Martinez joins the situation and takes a look at the situation from New Mexico.

Caitlin Burch visits with Genevieve Dela Cruz, a former L.A. fire captain who was demoted in 2016 for passing along false information about a fatality in the Skirball Fire.

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We’re up against a number of new car models that deliver tremendous fuel economy, but can they also give off that monster sound? Your Local FOX News Auto Expert Katherine Ryan will show you five different ways and drive through one of the most extreme car creeks in the world, and to let you know about the latest news out of Canada’s Got Talent.

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