Soulja Boy Is Suing Kanye West Over ‘Not Like That’

Soulja Boy, the rapper who first gained national attention for being spotted out smoking marijuana, had a major falling out with Kanye West earlier this year. As it turns out, the “papers” rapper is not the only one who has their issues with Ye: Soulja Boy recently posted on Instagram that he’s suing West for ripping off a line from his song “Not Like That” about celebrities being jerks on the internet.

According to Soulja Boy, a list of artists was given to West with words to make their songs more offensive, and West decided that Soulja Boy’s line from “Not Like That” was the most offensive. Noting that Kanye’s own lyrics like “My nigga’s got f***ed up teeth,” crossed the line with “kazoo off” from Soulja Boy’s song, Soulja Boy now claims he deserves ownership of the line.

TMZ has reported that Soulja Boy’s side of the story has changed a few times since, first saying that West was copying his work (then later saying Soulja Boy was copied by him), and then claiming he was abused by his producer on Purpose when he was trying to tell West to stop. However, Soulja Boy seems to be back to his original complaint – although, we’re not surprised he’d be a party to legal proceedings.

Looks like the messy legal proceeding between Soulja Boy and Kanye West just took a new turn. Sound off in the comments.

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