PlayStation and Xbox versions of super Mega Station, made by Sega

If you’re looking for a PS4 or Xbox One, it might be difficult to find one, but there are plenty of people who are dedicated to making sure that you can. What they are doing is supporting a crowdfunding campaign that, if successful, will provide stock-based trading for future consoles, and (if people decide to keep their sets) building their own product.

As well as stock trading, the campaign, which is called STMicroelectronics Shares would build a “super Mega Station” that could offload consumer-grade electronics — like a large TV — to anyone in need of a TV. It could then be put into a shipping box, and if anyone decided to keep it, it could be put into a library. The idea is that, if a lot of people keep a set of consoles, each of them could sell it to someone who needs it, making the money go further.

One of the people running the crowdfunding campaign, Cris Fabispel, told Engadget that, “Why is it better to make people get the consoles you grew up with instead of making people resell their own? It’s a better system.”

At the time of writing, the campaign has already broken its goal of $150,000. The next goal is $1 million, which, if you’re interested in being one of the 1,400 people who can get some stock, your donation is just $25.

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