PAST STORIES: Howard University’s Haleigh Weston may be the best-kept secret in women’s weightlifting

Student-athlete competitors at Texas State University are stepping up and taking on the great weight of women’s weightlifting.

Editor’s note: At 12:07 p.m. ET, the video above has been removed due to privacy reasons.

A video of Haleigh Weston, a student-athlete from Howard University-Harrisburg, just cleared the 31,000-views-on-YouTube mark in the five days since it was posted.

The sports world is abuzz with Weston’s rising accolades on and off the field.

She’s currently trying to qualify for the 2020 Olympics.

Sports reporter Haleigh Weston and Pro Football Hall of Famer Charles Haley in a debate as to which team or team does the better job keeping kids off drugs

Weston, who grew up in a female-dominated house growing up, says in the video, “We always said that if a girl wanted to do something, she would do it.”

However, Weston attributes the “change” and “adjustment” in her life to the support she receives from her father, Robbie Weston, who became a weightlifting coach for fellow Howard University student Keshia Davis.

Weston and Davis were lifelong friends.

“It’s not about the sport for me, it’s about changing the culture,” Weston says.

Davis, a student-athlete at Cal State Fullerton, now plays an integral role in Weston’s life and strength.

Davis saw Weston’s passion and decided to help her out.

She started her own foundation.

Weston says the foundation’s goal is to help other young women with opportunities to excel athletically and academically.

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