O’Reilly: Terrorist Attacks on U.S. are ‘Much Greater’ Than in Past, Will Seek Support for Memorial on National Mall

Republican presidential candidate Joni Ernst on Wednesday called for the establishment of a “global war on terrorism” memorial on the National Mall in the wake of the ongoing attacks in New York and New Jersey.

The Iowa senator wrote on Facebook that the attack “is certainly an incident that I think is worthy of being commemorated, not only in our communities but also on the National Mall in a similar fashion to other great American institutions.”

President Trump was traveling in New York and blasted Congress Friday for failing to include funding in the upcoming defense bill to support the memorial.

I just returned from New York City. The WORLD CUP is back after a record run at Camp David. Now our nation has a new violence that we will tackle with extreme prejudice. The attack in New York City was a very sad day for all of us. We will not allow our fellow Americans to be victims of a crime that is totally and completely avoidable. We will support for this Memorial! Join me in pushing for the funding, so it can be built and dedicated. Always pray for the city of New York!

In a speech in the State House chambers Friday, Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix said “the homeland security threat to our nation is much greater than it was in the past” and the National Mall is “desperately in need of a Global War on Terrorism Memorial.”

He said in an interview that, like himself, the memorial will be in the process of being built and believes the administration “won’t get caught in a position of compromising this critical need at a time when we need the president’s leadership.”

Members of the Hudson Valley mosque attacked by Ahmad Khan Rahami on Saturday are scheduled to be honored at a candlelight vigil Thursday night at 6:30 in Clifton, New Jersey.

Rabbi Adam Kligfeld says the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Foundation is urging its members to attend the event at Centre Square in Clifton. He says it will continue to pray and continue to support the victims.

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