Liverpool FC recruiting superfan in search of ‘priceless quality’

Written by By Caitlin Macdonald, CNN London, England

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly mown grass and bright new pitches to take the mind off the week’s difficult events in your personal life.

For Liverpool Football Club, that smell is now perfume — but it’s more than the chance to pamper up Reds fans — players on the wing, of course — at the club’s Melwood training ground.

Club Director Damien Comolli has told the Liverpool Echo that they’re sniffing out gems in a bid to overhaul the outfit’s roster of players.

The German, who joined Liverpool in 2013, has admitted that building squad depth is the key to success.

This is his second summer, but it appears he hasn’t been able to lure star names like Leonardo Bonucci and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Anfield.

However he is targeting Borussia Dortmund winger, Liverpool fan and human emoji, Jude Bellingham.

The 27-year-old has a very different career to Bonucci and Aubameyang, but it’s just as worthy of a high six-figure price tag.

Proud of her biggest fans

Bellingham has taken the Internet by storm — not just Liverpool fans, but the entire world, since she began reciting snippets of dialogue from the club’s songs that she shouts at her friends.

It seems she got to this point as her own daughter is a massive Liverpool fan, but she says she doesn’t hold it against her daughter’s mother — and the girl’s not even a fan of the club yet.

Jude Bellingham has starred in comedy ‘Townies’ and is an ambassador for Zero Fibrosis, which helps fight male genital growth. Credit: SG GAS via YouTube

“She doesn’t really get it, but she knows I say my favourite chants in my house, so it’s quite funny when people find out,” she told the Liverpool Echo.

Comolli says the club is after “priceless quality.” While a collection of the superfan’s tunes from the national anthem to a Kraftwerk cover may not seem like the highest of values, he says it will help him improve the side and make them “glorious.”

If you love the stuff too, you can follow her Facebook and Twitter pages to catch her and check out her YouTube channel for more songs and commentary.

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