Investors flock to start-ups developing business in virtual worlds

In what can be described as the first planetary mega-boom ever, investors are snapping up land in virtual worlds to develop virtual communities and mining land to expand virtual worlds.

Story Developing | WorldNews – GeoEye has teamed up with Metaverse Real Estate to provide data and information, while the GeoEye satellite company, which in April announced a partnership with Google, is also providing data and information to Metaverse Real Estate.

Lloyd Braun, president and CEO of Metaverse Real Estate said “e-commerce has brought with it a new set of requirements. We are looking at this new set of properties as a real estate opportunity, but also a portal to commerce. We’re seeing a surge in interest”

The price per square meter of land is close to the price of a brick and mortar store, said Braun, as the data is backed by proven economic models. There are four types of land available to start the virtual investment, explained Braun. Bricks are limited to white bricks and white countertops, while blue brick and blue countertops is where the red boxes have to be, which would be a good investment for the store owners that depend on that. The most profitable is orange brick with foyer.

Land is available for leasing and for sale in four phases of the world. A condo will cost around $50,000 per square meter.

Lloyd Braun added that “we’re having a lot of success with business, trade, real estate or the purchase of real estate. … We’re setting ourselves up as a market for international companies to do business. It’s a very vibrant space.”

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