Horoscope for Dec. 8, 2021

Here are your horoscopes for Dec. 8, 2021.

Moon in sign of Aquarius. (Remember all those cowboys and Indians we lost so many times while escaping from the wilderness?) Get free-spirited and experimental on all those outdoor adventures you’ve been talking about lately. You might even take a trip to visit an amazing gemstone. The planet Venus in Sagittarius is bound to stimulate thought and imaginations, just remember to limit yourself to four hours for no reason at all. … LEO 20 JAN2101< P.M.

The universe rewards really strong public arguments. Learning to speak up about an issue that is bothering you might be just what you need. Be sure to practice your brand of creativity while fleshing out these words for the speech you’re going to give. Ask yourself who’s going to care more: The person who is most affected or the person who cares the most? It’s a big risk, but risk is where your love life and career are headed. … VIRGO 21 JAN2201< P.M.

Aide your self as much as possible to whatever you feel has to be done for the greater good. This can’t just mean family or giving up a duty. … Attitude is all it takes to boost your optimistic outlook and divert your thoughts from the “should” or “could” scenarios. An easy way to see this is to smile more and speak less. This won’t solve every problem, but being positive can go a long way toward building social support for you and other people. … LIBRA 22 JAN2301< P.M.

People are often amazed by how fast it’s all come together! Your mind and body are racing at a nonstop speed as you’re trying to avoid overstrain or exhaustion. Also, work out when you can. Whether it’s the gym or a walk outside, this will keep you from feeling jet-lagged as you buckle down and do all you can to meet or exceed deadlines. … SCORPIO 24 JAN2401< P.M.

Your need to show off and others’ desire to admire you have driven you to create, create, create again. That’s right! You’ve been busy! And with plans to give your friends and family an opportunity to show just how much they love you, it could mean working your way around town with projects in hand to pass the time. There’s nothing wrong with working on your projects – long ago you were an excellent designer. If you’re interested in any projects, go for it! LEO 25 JAN2501< P.M.

Attention spans are getting shorter. That’s thanks to YouTube and Instagram. People seem to want instant gratification – to have a video up on Facebook in an hour, a picture on Instagram in ten minutes. This time or speed is the future, but patience goes a long way in navigating the next 12 months. – S

VIRGO 26 JAN2601< P.M.

You’re more conscious of your own actions, which is exciting! You may notice you can be a lot more productive and efficient if you prioritize priorities and put time in the morning for your schedule. Even if you forget your planner somewhere, you can make one up later. – S

LIBRA 27 JAN2701< P.M.

Remember that you’re actually thinking more with your head than your feet. You can’t physically work harder because your mind is already working, but you can easily recover lost time through the power of repetition. If you fail to get away from work or the grocery store, get creative and plan a bike ride at sunset, or go for a hike on a nice morning. – L

SCORPIO 28 JAN2801< P.M.

You are always getting things done, and the good news is, you never really have to do anything difficult, you just need to plan for it. It might take some time and planning, but you’ll be surprised at how far your willpower will reach if you try hard enough to make it happen. – L


You’re seeing things from an unusual perspective. Your vision can be great because it’s everything else that’s not going right for you that’s causing your troubles. You may be paranoid, but it’s possible that you’re not getting things just right, you’re just waiting until the end of the day. That will do wonders for your mood in the evening.

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