High note: It’s a tomato, egg, cheese sandwich with a supersweet sauce

Highlight: It is again the spirit of the late Walter Fasano, a local Brooklyn bar owner who ran the Flats, that made this organic, homestyle crab cake sandwich so tasty. The recipe is much the same, the bread thinly cut like a country baguette, the crab meat lightly breaded and fried, and balanced with bits of bacon and mayo.

Take a whiff: Can you smell that smoke, over there?


Bite-size: 2

Sweet: 2

Salty: 3

On the side: 1

Total: 7

Average: 4

Rating: 10

Encountered: two

Caution: Aunts et Uncles is by design known for its superlative crab cakes. Being a perfect storm of “tortoise and hare” in your crab recipe, you will find your best fare and give off a non-ripening, flavorless aura.

Onions to toast: You can’t go wrong here with this garlic bread. The crusty, mildly charred crust of this flaky half-stone loaf leaves a pleasant aftertaste of crispness that chills the stomach.

Another tip: Save the brown sugar in your batter for last. It’s the perfect seasoning for the juicy crab inside.

Seafood: you can’t beat a quartered crab with two hand-cut pieces of Scottish bacon and a small cup of Hellman’s mayo.

Finish it off: One piece of sourdough toast and you are home free.

Translating: It’s okay to overcook your bread, but the crab cake doesn’t come along for the ride. You are soaking your bread with the best ingredients and adding them to the meat mixture while the bread is warm. This builds a delicious, texture-driven din.

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