Fenty Pop Pop by Trinny & Susannah on Saffron and the Ibiza life

Fitting the label

This backpack is what you’d expect from Fenty. It’s the same regular-feeling big bag that you’d find a guy wearing. But kinky thigh shorts add a twist, giving it a much more sexy vibe.

Founded: April 2013

Competition: Huge amount of great things to see

Ambition: To have an international presence

Outsourcing? For sure

Raw materials: Leather (fancy hides and leather fringe), latex, metal, bamboo

Kinky is for real

Gorgeous coffee piping and little ears. Baggyy, short kinky shorts with shiny fabric knee-length socks, shiny monkey shoes and elastic argyle socks. There’s even faux neon pom-poms. Which is a nice touch.

Trousers: Cult denim trouser with belt, depending on whether they’re normal, fitted or shapeless

Good for: A relaxed “no tie” kinda look

Key cologne: Magnum Pleasures

Egg emojis: Instagram-friendly fail-proof accessories

The bag …

White high-waisted trouser, white knee-high sockys and a leather-trouser lined long hiking bag. Cooler than most backpack.

The colours: Black/blue/white and pink, animal-printed

Hair and make-up: Tamsin Glossin’s at Urbanines in Sandton

Photograph: Dave Anderson for the Guardian

The inspiration

“Trickings! This can be a one-way street, huh?”

And the shopping

Groovy places to stay, like “shabby chic” Boast City and bars to check out, such as Rocker Bar or Guys Bar, as well as beauty salons and boutiques such as Magan Collective and Bus Stop Runway.

Do you wear more black?

No. Perhaps it’s more dominant at the moment than it has been, but I’ve got on rather well with dark-grey outfits. So far.

Footwear: Sun kissed gold nails. These shoes are probably the real giveaway. I’ve tried them on but I’m terrified of walking in them all day, so I haven’t put them on yet.

Dress: Complex’s Bydonagh

Smart but also super comfortable and cute, I love it. I put a little sunblock on myself in the car. I wear it every day, I just go slightly barefoot with no sock (as he did in the photo), and I totally hate it. I wouldn’t wear it in the summer. It’s also suitable for the black jeans and black T-shirt.

Inspiration …

Always trawling the internet and head-in-the-clouds things people write. The internet is the best gift in the world.

The reviews …

Sunburn-inducing, two-tone exoskeleton leggings. Green, pink with snapbrim cap.

Curvy girl’s shoes: Vibranium – ethereal purple. Black with cuffs.

Own goal … until I took off the ankle boots and the pants. Rainbow suede shoe. Glorious bum bag.


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