Chris Pratt on the musical ‘A Star Is Born’

This movie I saw in 1964 was a family bonding experience — my parents loved it. I saw it when I was 11 or 12. It was a landmark for me. It showed New York City as a glorious under the sea — to me, it was simpler, bright and happy. There was also pure joy and good cheer. More than just the street scenes, the gang scenes were the most memorable.

I have a little list of things I liked in the new movie. It’s very American, you know. It’s New York City as seen from the suburbs — it’s kind of an allegory — about trying to reconcile with the outside world, with the outsiders who love you. But it has heart, it’s funny.

I’m looking forward to riding the subway. The gang scene that you see, it’s about how you deal with the gang that loves you. It’s not just a sidekick, that kid who loves the community. It’s more like family, that’s what it is. You have to work with them or they’ll get you. So I’m looking forward to riding the subway.

I loved it, Michael is a terrific actor. I worked with him two years ago on a Lincoln movie. I thought he was great, so I was surprised to see that he’s still going strong. I’m glad to be working with the guy again. I am happy that he’s got the opportunity to do this. It’s great that we’re in the same business and we get to do that.

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