Brooke Shields: Barbara Walters ‘like having a spider bite on your face’

Brooke Shields has spoken out against Barbara Walters’ infamous interview with the model Brigitte Bardot, which she described as “practically criminal” and – well, what do you know? The topic was brought up on Twitter when Shields was asked how to avoid creepy celebrity interviewers.

Lucky for us, Shields’ story is as bonkers as the 90s interview is great Read more

“I was talking to a TMZ interviewer [on] how not to be creepy with interviewers and said, ‘I always made a rule: if you can avoid asking about your hair, your makeup, your face – just ignore me and ask about your movies’,” said Shields. “I started to say ‘hair and makeup’ and Barbara Walters grabbed my face and started asking the questions.”

The actress continued, describing Walters as “like having a spider bite on your face”.

If it’s not scary enough that Barbara Walters asks Shields about her hair and makeup, just look at how unhinged she got when she focused on Shields’ nipples. Read the entire exchange. Enjoy.

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