A Christmas surprise: favourite garden gifts

1 Marigold seed balls a nice alternative to English-spice-soaked water

These Marigold seed balls are easily grown and made for only £2 each. You could give one to a gardener in a team or to your friend who simply can’t find enough water. Or you could just drop them into the empty water in your stock pot to prepare a loose water base for your flower pots. 2 Guardian Gardener’s Daisy print

A big Christmas gift for the garden-lover. This print is easy to use as a print with all the photos in. Woven, it’s perfect for horticultural holders or for hanging from a tree or garden fence. Buy any Guardian colour in shops now

3 Stretchy gardening gloves

Versatile sets range from the 4-inch cheapo gloves to these customised ones, which are good in all sorts of weather. Show your garden-garden-lover how you’ve grown up or even how you garden for UK soil. Buy two pairs together for a gift for two or three.

4 Two plants

The ideal plant for an emergency plants-sender. For only £4, this two-pack costs more than the roast pork bird and will save you time. You could stick them in your stock pot or in pots in your house. Plant them near your compost, out of prying eyes.

5 Planting tray & super leaves

The best plant starter is a plastic plant tray. Complete it with super leaves for extra attention and nutrients. You can give them to a gardener in a team, or give one of your pals without one who’d love to have a set of plants but can’t find anything. You can lay them on a tray, stand them on a pot or leave them under your window.

6 Labradoodle basket

For that special plant-giver who loves their dogs more than their back garden.

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